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My Cute Big Nose and Slanted Eyes

Posted on August 19, 2011 at 2:00 PM

On my on-line journeys, I came across this wonderful little blog called, "All American Indian Girl."  I was drawn to one of her posts about self-image, "My big beautiful punjabi nose."  Here is my response:

When I was younger I had terrible self-image problems; however, over the years I have learned that being "perfect" is not necessary.  I know this sounds cliche, but it really is who you are.


Heck, my big nose lets me breath deeper (I once read about someone who had to undergo surgery because her nostrils were so small it impeded her breathing.) It helps identify my heritage (I am my mother's daughter and my grandfather's grandchild, and so forth).  


And, my uncreased eyes are still bright and focused. My uncreased eyelids curl my eye lashes upward where as my girl friends would have to depend on eye lash curlers.  It gives a "doe-y" slightly slanted look that I don't mind at all.... Dab on a little eyeliner. Voila!


I don't know if little Lee Min will be saved from having to go through self-image problems with her surgery or if this is just the beginning to a life-time of exterior perfection seeking... only time will tell.


Personally, I don't see myself as anything but me; although from the looks of me, you would identify me as southeast Asian.  I am just the sum of my parts: my physical, my emotional, my psychological. I am me.





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