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Found $20 Bucks?

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What to do with that $20 bucks you found? Here are my top 2 faves:

  Buy a book on budgeting and money management

(gawd, I have a huge list of those to choose from) and apply as follows:

-Track household income and spending for at least three months.

-After that, choose one or two spending categories and reduce your expenses by 20 percent to 30 percent per month.

-Put the money you saved in a bank account or IRA

-Reward yourself after you've saved $100 by taking $20 for "a special splurge -- lunch out, a night at the movies, etc."

Check your "S.W.A.N." factor.


"The acronym stands for whatever helps you "sleep well at night," says Mark, who picked up the concept from late Atlanta radio money reporter Mike Kavanagh, CFP.


So figure out what fuels your SWAN factor. If it's paying down your debt, then throw that money at one of the bills. If it's building an emergency fund, stash it there.

Look at what you can start with it, too, Mark says. While $20 alone "is not going to solve any major financial problems," $20 each week is $1,000 per year -- "and it's suddenly very significant."

Buy Memories instead of Material

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Apparently money can make ya' sick (physically and mentally), but what I took from this was how to make purchases that promote health and happiness instead of buying that expensive new TV:

- Use money for Leisure Activities (Recreation & Camps & Vacations)


- Buy Memories, instead of Material


- Think about your purchases (instead of impulse buying) : waiting and thinking about what you really want is more emotionally satisfying.

What we learned...

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(Legal) Drug Dealer

Who: Deanna Candek, 38, a pharmacist from Vail, Ariz.

What She Makes: $127,054

What We Learned: Learning a trade is still a solid way to secure a steady salary.



Vehicles with Highest Resale Value

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Here are some good and interesting information to know for the future...

Kelley Blue Book and have published their 2011 list of vehicles with the best resale values after 3-5  years of ownership. Some of those listed were weird as heck to me (i.e. Subaru's and Honda's), but most were generally unattractive.  I can say I did liked a couple and maybe will consider them in the future when I'm in the market for a new car.

Favorites :

Audi S5 Quattro


Infiniti G Coupe

(You can also review the following articles from and )