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"The function and duty of a quality human being is the sincere and honest development of one's potential."
~ Bruce Lee


Grounding thru Organization

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"7 Ways To Stay Grounded by Staying Organized

1.  Make your bed every day. Creating order and peacefulness in the bedroom settles the energies in that space and those good energies affect the rest of the house and you.

2. Clean up your kitchen every day. Having a clean and orderly kitchen calms the part of the house most associated with nurturance and comfort, also calming you.

3. Have morning and evening routines that are made up of activities of self-care, like bathing, exercising, tending to pets, straightening up. Tending yourself is a powerful way to ground and center yourself.

4. Sort your mail daily to make yourself aware of tasks that need to be done and bills that need to be paid. Knowing your reality is more calming than the anxiety produced by not knowing.

5. Keep paper in no more than two main locations, for example, the kitchen and the home office. Avoid allowing paper to spread throughout the house. When it spreads, its negative energy pollutes whatever area it is in. Paper is usually associated with some kind of task that needs to be done, like deciding whether you need the paper or not, or deciding where the paper should go next. When you see it all over the place it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the message it is sending, “You need to do something!” When you are feeling overwhelmed your are not centered.

6. Maintain order by putting things away all the time. Avoid the temptation to just drop things. It takes much more energy to pick them up than it does to drop them. When items are just dropped they have a negative, chaotic energy that is anything but grounding. And, dropped things attract more dropped things!

7. Do at least one 5 minute cleanup per day. Either start or end your day with a quick cleanup. Put things away, move things to the part of the house where they belong, straighten your papers, throw out trash. Take that time to restore order to your space. One of the first things I do when I’m thrown off center by some bad news or a difficult situation is to establish order in my home. Some would call my behavior compulsive. I call it grounding!"


Little tricks help me beat the old habits

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"Little tricks help me beat the old habits (from

#Be prepared : If I have to make 7 appointments in one session on the phone, then I have a prepopulated call list to work on. This way I will tackle the job. If I havent done the preparation I find my mind wanders to more pleasing tasks like browsing the net or reading a book.

#Workstation: Have only the items you need to work actually turned on. If I have paperwork to do, I find if I turn the computer on I will get distracted by checking emails etc. Keep these things off unless you need them.

#Avoid distractions: If you work from home and have a partner/children, explain to them that your workspace is sacred and should be respected just like any downtown office block. Explain you find it difficult to work with distractions and that you appreciate their help.

#Keep your Office Clean and GTD'd: Any untidy office will sidetrack you, you can be sure of it. I have lost count of the number of times whilst looking for something I have stumbled upon something else and have gotten sidetracked before I knew 30 minutes had passed. Get that space cleaned up and filed tidy.

#PPP: Pre Planned Procrastination: Schedule your day 30 minutes earlier and use those 30 minutes before you start your planned work, to do all those little things that sidetrack you or send you off course, like browsing your favourite forums and checking personal emails."

Life-management does not enslave us, but frees us

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Cool shite from Linkedin:




I think people like you and me need to concentrate emotionally on the benefits of organization and time management, enjoy that process, and always keep in mind that that life-management does not enslave us, but frees us.

Also, as just an off-the-cuff-idea, this may mean that only 4 hours of our day may need to be highly controlled, leaving the rest flexible."