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"The function and duty of a quality human being is the sincere and honest development of one's potential."
~ Bruce Lee


Career Test Result

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This description is a generalisation. If it rings true, you've found your career type.

You would most enjoy a career that allows you to meet new people. You would also be happiest in a career that allows you to be free and flexible, and allows you to be extremely creative. Some careers that would be perfect for you are: 

You are a great leader.

You genuinely enjoy being around other people. Your relationships with others are very important to you. You love talking and meeting new people.

You are very enthusiastic about work and about all that you do and have in your life. You love being the focus of attention. You enjoy a fast pace. You are very socially oriented. Therefore, you are much happier being with others than you are alone.

You crave interaction with others. You are very spontaneous and often act before you think. You are always quick to answer when you are asked a question, even if you aren't sure of the answer. It is easier for you to improvise as you go along.

You enjoy thinking out loud, and are most creative when brainstorming with friends or colleagues.

You enjoy being involved in many activities.  You are very easy to read, and often wear your heart on your sleeve. You are never afraid to tell people what you think. You are very empathetic and genuine. You can sometimes be seen as over-emotional or too involved by others. But that is only because you tend to get so involved in the things you do that they become personal.

You want to be adored, loved and appreciated. You like to please others and to make sure people are happy.  You trust your gut instincts.

You are easily inspired and trust that inspiration. You are very innovative. You analyse things by looking at the big picture.

You are concerned about how what you do affects others. You worry about your actions and the future. You tend to use a lot of metaphors and are very descriptive and colourful in your choice of language. 

You are very creative, and get bored easily if you don't get to express yourself. You like to learn new things. You don't like the same old routine. You like to leave your options open. "


Open to Love

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"I wanted to have a chance at life, to meet someone and have my own children that I could love and be proud of. I realized then that this would only happen if I stopped treating myself the same way my mother did.


If you’d like to treat yourself better than your parents did and open up to love, I recommend:


1) Write Through your Feelings and Fears

Try and pinpoint when and what makes you feel good or sad.


By putting everything on paper, you can then reference your emotions, look into your behavioral patterns, and recognize what made you feel a certain way and how you dealt with it


Keeping a journal keeps you connected to yourself so you can make real changes that last.


2) Risk Trusting Other People


Taking risks with people is essential for happiness. After all, it is better to have experienced at least some loving friendships than to sit alone, fearing heartache.


3) Let Go of the Old Stories


Once I realized that our unhealthy non-relationship wasn’t my fault, I was able to stop blaming her and hanging onto the victim story.


Once you stop telling the story, it has less power over you.


4) Love Yourself


By loving myself, I allow others to love me. I love myself because I am still here, and I can see my life changing around me. When I have moments of insecurity, I read through my journals, speak to friends, or throw myself into tasks I enjoy, like baking.



I love living life. I am happy.

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This made me cry alittle...  Inspirational Video....

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MOTIVATION - "Be Great, Powerful Beyond Measure"

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5 Tips to Daily Motivation

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(1) Develop an Energy Plan

An energy plan involves sleeping well, eating healthily and exercising regularly.  Studies shows that people who get 8 hours of adequate sleep and maintain a healthy diet such as eating breakfast and drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day tend to be more alert and perform better.

(2) Setup Little Reminders on Your Goals & the Whys

What’s the burning desire that’s pulling you towards that goal? Write down your goal and all the reasons why you want to achieve it in a positive context on a piece of paper and put it in your shirt pocket, your handbag or wherever that’s convenient for you to whip it out for an instant motivation booster.

(3) Listen to Success Motivation Cassettes, MP3s or other Materials

This is one of my favourite: listening to success motivation cassettes, MP3 or reading books close to your heart to keep yourself uplifted.

(4) Connecting with Your Mastermind Group Regularly

Napoleon Hill first brought forth the concept of a Mastermind Group in his 1937 classic Think & Grow Rich. A mastermind group is simply one that is made up of 2 or more people having a common goal.

(5) Visualize Living Your Dream Everyday

One of the most satisfying and motivating experience is to imagine living your dreams everyday! Try this visualization exercise everyday:

a) Every night before you go to sleep, close your eyes and take few deep breaths to relax.

b) Build a picture in your mind. Imagine a typical day when you have achieved your dream.

As you repeat the exercise every night, start adding colours, sounds and smells to your “movie”. This visualization technique not only allows you to build intense confidence towards achieving your goal, it implants a positive impression onto your subconscious, tapping on its power to achieve wonders in your life!



Career Advice from Powerful ADHD and LD Executives

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Looking for some inspiration and advice? Check this out:

Career Advice from Powerful ADHD and LD Executives

Career advice from 5 top executives who transformed their attention deficit disorder or learning disability into an asset in the workplace.


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Depression Relapse Prevention

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Well I'll be darn:

"Depression is recurring and cyclic. What we have is treatments, not cures. You’re never really free of it; you are always living in the shadow of it. You always have to be prepared for a recurrence and be ready to stave it off."

Andrew Solomon, author of The Noonday Demon

With that in mind, this is probably a good idea - Creating a Personalized Relapse Prevention Plan (found towards the bottom of the page.)  I'll have to work on my personal one and post it on my own Depression page when finished.

The Galaxy Poster

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Yayyyyy!!!!  I wanna make a Galaxy Poster.  Remind me next time I have the extra dough!!!

I shouldn't forget or lose that...

Life-management does not enslave us, but frees us

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Cool shite from Linkedin:




I think people like you and me need to concentrate emotionally on the benefits of organization and time management, enjoy that process, and always keep in mind that that life-management does not enslave us, but frees us.

Also, as just an off-the-cuff-idea, this may mean that only 4 hours of our day may need to be highly controlled, leaving the rest flexible."


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“Don’t have a wishbone where your backbone should be!"